Quicktime .mov format

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Quicktime .mov format

Post by REDDOG » Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:46 pm

I see you only support Quicktime camera formats/file extensions of UA, VD, 2DS, 2G3, 2PM. Not sure if any others, since the window size on the "Files of types" selection under "Create video", will not allow you to see pass the 2PM extension in the list. Is there anyway to use a Quicktime .mov format? This would allow other camera formats such a mpeg2,4, etc. to be converted to .mov file format. Unfortunately, it would appear you are eliminating a huge amount of digital video cameras in use?
I was unaware of Quicktime camera only formats, so I apologize. I made the wrong assumption that a "Quicktime compatible camera" is a general quicktime format. I am unable to use my videos from my SOLO runs, and join them with my GTech data.
I have continued searching the web, trying to find info on these specific formats/file extensions, etc. with no luck.

Thank you for you time with my questions concerning your product.

Glenn L. Austin
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Re: Quicktime .mov format

Post by Glenn L. Austin » Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:38 pm

Quicktime should support the .mov file format, which means that AXAnalyst should also support it.

The movie files that I use are MPEG4 format, so you should be able to use them.

What platform is this on?

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